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Paul Wolf Operations Director
Vikranth Rao Managing Director
Jacqueline Brewer Junior Consultant

We share a dedication to exceptional client service, unmatched regional expertise and sustained community impact.



Integrity is a valuable trait to have in the workplace and one that employers prize in their employees. We expect everyone at Vrao to be an ambassador for our high ethical standards – what we call ‘business integrity’. 



We want to create an environment where employees not only live our values in their own work – integrity, respect, responsibility and pioneering – but are vigilant in identifying potential concerns, and confident about speaking up in such situations.



Our business framework ensures that how we do business is fully aligned with our values and applicable laws and regulations in countries where we operate. It has three pillars: Prevention,
Detection and Response.



Trust at Vrao is about confidence — confidence that you will do what you say you’re going to do. In a world full of empty promises and overselling, customers have learned that a healthy sense of cynicism helps protect them against bad deals and scam artists. At Vrao we strive to build trust from the roots.



The value of Fairness is about the process of decision-making, not the outcome. Here we ensure a clear and transparent process that is open and fair for all parties involved.



Our MD sets an unequivocal tone from the top: he communicates regularly with leaders and all employees on business integrity, making clear that adherence to our Code and Code Policies is non-negotiable. Many other members of our Executive are also vocal champions: they make time to regularly share their personal perspective on business integrity with their teams.

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